July 18, 2016


This was my Final Grade Work from I received the highest score of my faculty (100% and something called "Matricula de Honnor" like an "honnor award").

Right now my project is being used by University of Barcelona in order to make workshops with primary school teachers, and the base code of the server is being used for another Serious Games projects.

Fracsland is an educative project oriented to reinforce de concept of fraction to the primary school students and how this knowledge can be related with real world concepts.

In order to achieve this goal a platform which consists in two parts is presented in this project.

On the one hand, there is a part designed especially for the students which consists in a serious game of fractions with beautiful 3D graphics powered by Unity3D which will allow them to have fun on an island based environment while learning about concepts related with fractions.

On the other hand, there is a web platform designed for teachers, powered by Django which will allow them to adapt the game to each student according to their skills. This platform also provides teachers with de ability of monitor the progress their students, useful to know which ones require more help.


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