Sept. 16, 2015


This project is a Real Time Strategy game, created for the course Software Engineering at University of Barcelona to allow us learn how to manage a project using SCRUM with a large number of developers (24 in total).

As a part of the Team D (AI + Word) I developped:

1 - Camera API with various modes (Track a certain entity, Follow the player instructions, Zoom in/out, scroll to a certain position...)

2 - 3D space partitioning API (Divides the 3D world in a virtual 2d grid and checks if a place is flat enought to construct in, manages if it is occupped or not and allows developers to ask info about the world state).

3 - An AI debugger system, that allows to see the AI state while playing (It shows what agent controls each unit, what is the current AI state...) this was super usefull in order to speed up the dev process and make sure that the AI is doing what we wanted.

4 - Some AI components: I have helped in the development of the Macro and Some Micro Agents.

5 - AIArchitect: I developped a system that allows the AI of the game create diferent base distributions according with the difficulty of the game in a pseudo aleatory way.

Here you can see the final result, sorry for the video quality in that moment we dindn't have anyone who knows about video editing:


I have to admit that we have super fun moments like this one at the end of the Sprint 3


Further information: